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Customer Service FAQ

Customer Service FAQ

I already started my estate planning documents, and when I tried to access them, it says my email address is already registered. How can I access my documents?

Please sign in using your email address and the password that you created when you first registered. In the upper right hand corner, click where it says “Already a Customer, Sign In.” If you need your password reset, please submit a request through the Contact Us page.

I paid for Premium Document Delivery. When can I expect to receive my documents?

Premium Document Delivery orders are mailed via regular US mail. Orders received before 3pm CST are processed the same business day. Orders received after 3pm are processed the next business day. Please allow approximately 7-14 business days to receive your documents. Please also be aware that federal holidays delay mail delivery. If you need your documents sooner, please consider printing them at home, work, or a library.

I created a document on EstateGuidance a few years ago and want to log in to make changes. However, I get a message saying that they can’t locate my account.

Please submit a message though the Contact Us page. Our customer service team will respond to you.

I’m having a technical issue on the site

Please submit a message through the Contact Us page and let us know what the issue is, which internet browser you are using, as well as what platform (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.). We will have our IT team review it and respond to you.

At least one of these statements (see below) describes me. Does this mean that I cannot use EstateGuidance to create a Last Will and Testament?

  • I am not of sound mind and body, or able to execute a Last Will and Testament under my own power.
  • The value of all of my assets, including life insurance policies, is worth more than $1,000,000.
  • I own a business.
  • I am in the military.
  • I am married and I wish to provide less than fifty percent (50%) of my estate to my spouse. I have a pre-marital agreement.
  • I am subject to a divorce decree.
  • I want to leave property to an individual with special needs
  • I want to name someone that lives outside of the United States as my minor child’s guardian and/or the legal representative of my estate.

EstateGuidance is designed to create simple estate plans. If one of the above statements applies to you, then it would be in your best interest to meet with an estate planning attorney that can advise you on how to best meet your estate planning goals.

Why are some Financial Power of Attorney fields not able to be edited online while others can be edited?

Some fields, such as those that should be hand initialed or are signature fields, must be completed by hand.